Catholic Bible Study 2021-2022

You are cordially invited to join the St. Mary Catholic Bible Study, The Bible Timeline, the Story of Salvation. This fascinating in-depth journey takes us through the entire bible. Get to know and review the major people, places and events of the bible that together form the foundation of our Catholic faith. See how the bible reveals God’s loving plans in our lives.

The study includes 24 videos presented by Jeff Cavins, which will be preceded by a small group discussion. It’s in these small groups that true learning and sharing goes on. It is here that we share how the Lord has worked in our lives throughout the week. It is here that we build relationships and we find Christ in each other. Often times, someone’s answer or sharing is the very thing that someone else needs to hear. It is in this setting that we can see more clearly how God is using each of us as a disciple to disciple those around us.

Tuesday morning classes for women only begins on September 14 from 9:30am-11:30am. Thursday evening co-ed classes begin September 16 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Zoom participation may be made available depending on requests.

Please register at the service desk before or after Mass the weekends of 8/21-8/22 and 8/28-8/29 or contact Jeanne DeVita or Susie Timchak

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