Our Priests

Our Office Staff

Tony Caruso - Parish Finance Manager +1-813-961-1061 ext.305 Email Me
Char Poisall - Parish Manager, Communications Coordinator +1-813-961-1061 ext.319 Email Me
Joan Rini - Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry +1-813-961-1061 ext.306 Email Me
Jacob Hopper - ECHO Apprentice +1-813-961-1061 ext.307 Email Me
Cal Leferink - Music Ministry Director +1-813-961-1061 ext.310 Email Me
Kimly Hoang - Business Office +1-813-961-1061 ext.316 Email Me
Carol Engstrom - Receptionist +1-813-961-1061 ext.301 Email Me
Jerry Gimenez - Santa Maria Mission Coordinator +1-813-910-3575 Email Me
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